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by 10 Nov, 2019Free Resources

UniBoost review example
Please explore our example of a fully reviewed personal statement for medicine, which can be downloaded here. Preview the example review below:

UniBoosts Reporting

Detailed Comments

Every part of the report has been carefully crafted to ensure all aspects are covered while providing maximum clarity. When I first started designing the reporting structure, I started off with a fairly simple comment system underneath every paragraph. Although this was useful in conveying my overall impression, it left little room for specific remarks and corrections. This later evolved into providing comments on each specific line and highlighting suggestions, which allowed me to convey detailed improvements.

Grading systems and checklists

However, I felt that this was still not sufficient to provide a complete evaluation. As a result, I developed grading systems and checklists. Its use allowed me to reliably and clearly fulfil several objectives of each evaluation:

  • Allow you to gain an idea of how your personal statement compares to your peers
  • Cover personal statement essentials, such as its structure
  • Highlight common mistakes and methods of fixing them

In addition, further comments are also provided to convey our thoughts and recommendations

Concluding remarks

Finally, I incorporated a summary and concluding section into each review. Once all the details have been covered in the previous sections, we provide an overview of our final thoughts. This includes an overall impression of the personal statement, areas requiring the most improvement and recommendations on what you can work on in the lead up to the UCAS deadline.